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Guild card boost

Mages perform daily tasks, moving the progress of the guild card enforcement.

The more tasks the guild mages perform this week, the more advantage their entire guild receives next week!
The guild receives enforcement and formalisation of the card the following week based on the results of the current week!
Progress is filled out automatically as daily tasks are being completed by the mages.
At the beginning of the week progress is dropped to zero.
The guild’s card receives VIP-status after the third step.
The guild receives camouflage after the fifth step.
With the acquisition of camouflage the opponent sees the same avatars and names for all the mages of your guild.
The more steps you accomplish this week the stronger your card gets the next week (total power addition):
Step 1: 400
Step 2: 600
Step 3: 1000
Step 4: 1500
Step 5: 2000
Step 6: 2500
Step 7: 2800
In other words, after accomplishing all 7 steps the guild will enforce its card by 2800.

!!! If a mage leaves the guild all the tasks that this mage has completed this week are subtracted from the progress!

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