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Guardian dragon
Guardian Dragon gives your HP, fights along your side in battles with Dragon Magic.
Expeditions and protection
Guardian dragon adds its health to yours. Regularly feed your dragon and send it to the expedition. Upon return it will get stronger!

In the beginning of each month a new dragon will be born for you to possess but the old one will fly away. Strictly speaking it will be just an egg with zero health.

Like any other pet your dragon needs to be looked after and well entertained. Things to know:
 feed it with the weak cards and send to the expedition for 2, 4 or 8 hours;
 upon return from the expedition its health will increase;
 dragon protects you in the same game activities as Goblin's card;
 the higher your dragon's health the higher yours;
 dragon accompanies you for the duration of one month. After that time it flies away but you will receive a new egg;
 max health of the dragon = 17 600.
 while in the expedition the dragon cannot help you and adds nothing to your health!

Two hour expedition improves dragon's health by 80, four hour by 160, eight hour by 320.

When your dragon is on expedition, it doesn't protect you!

You can permit your dragon to fight with other dragons.

Dragon's mastery increases with the number of fights fought. The higher its mastery the more fights it wins every time. Rating of the dragon grows with number of won fights.

The higher you dragon's mastery, the more damage Dragon Flame will deal in GuildWars!

Dragons with highest rating as of month's end will retain their mastery for the next month. The rest will start over with the rating of 45.

Max Dragon mastery is 89 (completed collections can give additional points).

Dragon's Magic
Forest fire
Dragon's flame
Northern lights
Dragon's Magic is of two kinds — natural (Dragon's flame) and elemental magic (e.g., Tornado or Whirlwind).

Cards of Dragon's magic have a differences from regular game cards:
 used only in GuildWar battles and Tournaments;
 strike instantly, immediately change to next Combat Deck card without cooldown;
 don't receive retalliatory damage;
 can be used only when your dragon is not in expedition;
 Combat Deck can have two elemental magic's cards and one natural (Dragon's flame);
 Dragon's magic with icon deals damage and heals;
 can be added or removed to Combat Deck manually *.

* Dargon's flame can't be removed from Combat deck.

Dragon's magic cards (natural or elemental) are improving like regular cards — absorbing weak cards and for gold.

Dragon's mastery is accounted when Dragon's magic is used. E.g., if your Dragon's flame card has power of 10000, but mastery is only 50, then your Dragon's flame will deal only 5000 of damage.

More about Dragon's magic
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