Fun Fights
Fun Fights are a time-limited event in the game in which battles take place between teams of heroes. Prizes are cups that can be exchanged for rewards in Event Rewards.
Event start

At the beginning of the event, all players receive 12 heroes (4 elements, 3 heroes each), heroes of three random elements receive a small random bonus to power.

The three most powerfull heroes make up the starting team.
The team
You can form your own team of three heroes. Usually, players choose the most powerful, but you can choose the most beautiful ones, depending on your taste :)

Every hero has power, which is also health. The sum of the powers of the team's heroes is the power of the team.

The team can be upgraded for gems, 50 gems = 6 power. These 6 powers are distributed randomly among the three heroes of the team.

You can also upgrade immediately to 500 or 5000 gems, then 60 or 600 power, randomly, multiples of 10 and 100 ( for example, 10-40-10 for 60 or 0-100-500 for 600).
Once an hour you receive a «pack» of opponents (for all players — 5, for those who purchased VIP — 6). You need to attack opponents, defeat them and get gems andcups.

In a battle, the heroes line up in a column and fight one by one.

Evil Curlew
3 4 2 6 1 8
1 6 2 12 3 3
First, the first hero of your team fights with the first hero of the enemy team.

The hero's damage is equal to the hero's power multiplied by a multiplier depending on the ratio of the elements of the player's hero and the enemy's hero (as with cards).

For example, fire hero:
 deals one and a half damage to an air hero;
 to the hero of water —half;
 to the heroes of earth and fire — single.

Damage dealt to a hero reduces his health (initial health is equal to the hero's power).

If after the next exchange of blows the hero’s health becomes less than or equal to zero, then the hero disappears and the next hero from the team enters the battle.

If your team still has heroes, but your opponent doesn’t, then you win. If there are no heroes left in your team and your opponent’s, it’s a draw. Otherwise, you lose.

For victory you receive 10 gems and 10 cups.
For a draw — 5 and < img src="/img/ico16-cup.png" width="16" height="16" alt="">5.
For defeat — 0 and < img src="/img/ico16-cup.png" width="16" height="16" alt="">0.

If you lost don’t despair, the enemy has never gone, until the end of the hour he is yours. You can strengthen your team, change the order of heroes in the team (or use auto-tuning of the team for the enemy) and attack again to get the prizes that are due to you.

If you beat all the opponents offered to you, but haven’t played enough, you can buy another pack of opponents for gold, or wait until the end of the hour and get a free pack.

For each new pack of opponents, you receive gems as a gift.
Heroes of the day
Every day three «heroes of the day» are chosen: these are random heroes who were not the heroes of the day yesterday:

Champion - if he is on your team, then you receive 20% more cups for wins and draws;

Lucky - if he is on your team, then you receive 20% more gems for a win and draw;

Warrior — if he is on your team, the power and health of all team heroes increases by 20%.

Trainer — if he is on your team, upgrade price is 20% lower.

Rating and rewards
The best players are determined by the number of cups .

Also, for cups, players receive rewards (event rewards): gems, gold, silver, magic items, diamonds, rare and legendary equipment (a full legendary set of clothes and artifacts in VIP).

Players with VIP status receive twice as many rewards!

To get VIP status, you need to buy 10 000 gold or more at once.
If you don't have enough gems for pumping your team, then we recommend purchasing them in the Event Store for gold.

If you have serious intentions, we recommend purchasing a bonus to receive gems and cups: accelerator x2, x3 or accelerator x5 .

Boosters double, triple or even quintuple (!!!) the gems and cups you receive.

Attention! Bonuses do not stack: by purchasing x3 and x5, you will receive quintupled gems and cups.
The end
During the event, battles take place and you can get gems and cups. Event rewards will be available for another 2 days after the end of the event, then uncollected rewards will disappear.

Players who take prizes at the end of the event receive cups and titles:
 first place — cup for 1 place and the title Triumphant of Fun Fights;
 second place — cup for 2 place and the title Master of Fun Fights;
 third place — cup for 3rd place and the title Marshal of Fun Fights;
 from 4 to 10 places —cups and titles Archmages of Fun Fights;
 from 11 to 100th place — cups and titles Battle mages of Fun Fights.
 from 101 to 1000th place — medals and titles Adherents of Fun Fights. The rest of the players received participant medals and titles Neophytes of Fun Fights.
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